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Up to 80 percent of all time spent on analytics is consumed by preparing data. Data is never perfect and, most of the time, you need to clean, enrich, and join multiple data sets to gain meaningful insight. Many analysts turn to Excel to perform these data-preparation functions, which can take hours or even days.

Datawatch Monarch, the industry standard self-service data preparation solution, allows data analysts to manipulate, filter, enrich, blend, and combine disparate data sets in a matter of minutes. When you are done, you can bring your data back into Excel or directly into the native formats for Tableau, Qlik. or other visualization applications.

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  • Understand Your Data
  • Extract Data in Reports and PDFs
  • Use Data from Websites
  • Combine Data Sets
  • Fix Missing Data
  • Mask Sensitive Data
  • Consolidating Data Tables
  • History of Your Work
  • Reconciliation of Reports
  • Automate Your Data Prep

Datawatch whitepaper - 10 Ways Data Preparation Can Help Excel

Download this whitepaper: