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  • Big Data Analytics Predictions for 2016
  • Predictive Analytics: Opportunities, Challenges and Use Cases
  • The Database Decision: Key Considerations to Keep in Mind
  • The Definitive Guide to Retail Analytics
  • The Guide to Real-Time Hadoop
  • How to Recruit Big Data Talent When You’re Not Google or Facebook
  • Making Big Data Technologies Work in the Enterprise
  • Executive Report on Analytics Leadership
  • 8 Mistakes to Avoid When Implementing Marketing Analytics
  • How to Build and Lead a Winning Data Team
  • Analytics, Cloud, and the Insight Economy
  • Take a SMART Approach to Big Data Analytics: Advice from Bernard Marr
  • Real-World Analytics in the Cloud: Real Companies, Real Uses, Real Results
  • How to Improve Operations with Analytics
  • Bridge the Gap Between Business and IT: Integrating Data into Business Workflows
  • Crack the Unstructured Data Code with Deep Learning
  • How to Leverage Analytics to Improve Social Marketing Initiatives
  • Improving Access to Data Across your Company/Partner Ecosystem
  • Supply Chain Insights’ Big Data Handbook: How to Unleash the Big Data Opportunity
  • David Meerman Scott on the Importance of Big Data Initiatives
  • An Introduction to Procurement Analytics
  • An Introduction to Human Resources Analytics

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