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As the quantity and diversity of relevant data grow within and outside of the enterprise, business users and IT are struggling to extract maximum value from this data. Current approaches, including the rigid relational data warehouse and the unwieldy Hadoop-only Data Lake, are limited in their ability to provide business users and IT with the answers they need with the proper governance and security required.

Learn how The Anzo Smart Data Lake solves these problems and disrupts the way IT and business alike manage and analyze data at enterprise scale by introducing unprecedented flexibility, insight and speed.

Download this 24-page whitepaper to see how The Anzo Smart Data Lake has changed the game of data discovery, analytics and governance for the enterprise by providing: 

  • An unlimited enterprise graph so all enterprise users can “surf” and query all their data intuitively and without specialized data analytics knowledge, applying governance, security and flexible policies
  • Linked and contextualized data, so users are now able to self-help and combine data as needed to support business functions

  • A semantic data model that easily captures and delivers the “meaning” of data with all the inherent relationships and attributes

  • Ad hoc data discovery and analytic tools so business users in any department can get answers to questions and generate questions they didn’t think to ask before

  • A rapidly deployable platform to integrate with existing Hadoop or other Data Lake environments or start from the ground up

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