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The size of your data store and the number of disparate data sources are two key drivers of data complexity. And that complexity will continue to grow along with ever-expanding data volumes and sources. When considering a Business Analytics solution, it’s important to understand whether your data is Simple, Diversified, Big, or Complex.

Determining this will help you decide which BI approach is best suited for your data and your business needs. It also will help you understand the complexity of your data and choose the right tools and techniques you’ll need to prepare, analyze, visualize, and glean actionable insights from your data.

Download your copy of the Data Complexity Matrix to learn about:

  • The unique challenges of different data environments
  • Understanding complex data from a business and IT perspective
  • Evaluating popular BI tools and data approaches
  • Determining the best program for your data with the Data Complexity Matrix

Sisense whitepaper - How to Overcome Challenges in Complex Data

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