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What do you want your data to do? Whether your goal is to capture insights that will put you ahead of the competition or build a better tomorrow, it’s now easier than ever to accomplish. Innovative data analytics technologies can help leverage your data sets to build your organization into something bigger and better than before.

Dive into how analytics technologies can be used for cybersecurity, machine learning, the Internet of Things, and more. Through powerful real-world examples, this whitepaper explores the use of innovative data analytics.

Download this whitepaper to:

  • Understand the vast industry applications for big data analytics
  • Learn how to gain value from your data without being a data scientist
  • Find out the latest advances in machine learning techniques
  • See how analytics can bring answers to some of the globe’s biggest challenges

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About the Author

Paul Bachteal
Senior Business Director, Global Technology Practice, SAS

During his more than 30-year career at SAS, Paul has championed the company, its product offerings, and its customers. He currently leads the Global Technology Practice, supporting best practices across a spectrum of data management, visualization and analytics products. His focus includes the most challenging customer engagements involving Big Data, Hadoop, and SAS in-memory technologies.

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