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The Internet of Things is among the hottest topics in technology today, with promises of insights from billions of connected “smart” devices enabling untold new opportunities and business models.

But IoT also means unprecedented data volumes and constant streams of machine data arriving in real time, threatening to overwhelm data platforms and IT departments. How can organizations glean insight from data streams they can barely keep up with?

Discover how organizations in various industries are meeting the challenges of the Internet of Things today, turning insights into advancements and competitive advantage. Download this 24-page eBook to understand the following:
  • Keys for solving the IoT’s “last mile” problem
  • How to communicate meaning and tell the story of millions of rows of data
  • Turning big data into insights and action
  • The data landscape of tomorrow
  • The promise and pitfalls of smart device data

Tableau eBook cover page - The Internet of Things and Data Insights for your Organization

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