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Driverless cars could change car insurance. Algorithms and robo-advisors could replace wealth management advisors. And the college classroom could give way to massive open online classrooms. What does all this mean for your company?

As the amount of information—and the way we use it—grows exponentially, it’s imperative for companies to reconsider their processes and the role automation can play in them. Automation is not just for IT teams anymore; rather, it’s leading to fundamental changes in companies. Embracing it in an intelligent, strategic way is what will soon set modern businesses apart from dying ones.

Download this whitepaper to learn more about developing an automation strategy, including:

  • What comprises automation in a business
  • How automation should be integrated into your business strategy
  • How to follow a recommended framework for dividing the strategy development process
  • What the difference is between formulation and execution

When you download you will also receive a $50 fee waiver when you apply to Notre Dame’s MS in Business Analytics, a one-year, part-time program in Chicago.

ND Whitepaper - Is Your Business Strategy Becoming an Automation Strategy?

Download this whitepaper: