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For any business, the ultimate competitive advantage would be to know everything that’s happening, as it’s happening – from discovering industry and consumer trends as they form to detecting performance problems within the organization before they impact the bottom line. But with data pouring into the organization ever faster and from a growing number of sources, gleaning insight from data while it’s still relevant data can seem nearly impossible.

To achieve in-the-moment awareness, businesses need to be able to analyze and visualize their data and data sources in real time.

Read this whitepaper to learn how jKool technology can enable you to analyze and visualizes log file data, metrics and Java transactions in real time, and present your insights to DevOps teams on a single pane of glass. Teams no longer have to piece together incomplete insights from disparate logs.

Understand all aspects of managing and making the most of real-time data, including:

  • How jKool offers immediate insight and swift analytics and visualization of production, test, and development environments
  • How jKool enables users to diagnose problems in just a couple of clicks
  • How to detect anomalies and determine causality
  • The dashboard options available to compare, average, and examine all performance metrics with vivid colors and diverse visuals
  • How DevOps can identify trends as they develop – and how capturing this data drives better decision making

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