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Modern businesses are awash in data, and those who learn best from the information they gather will be in a prime position to gain the upper hand against their competitors. While Dollar Shave Club — a direct-to-consumer supplier of men’s grooming products — was collecting loads of valuable data about its promotions, website, and customers, it was struggling to glean the insights it needed to go up against the retail giants in its market. Recognizing that bottlenecks created by limited access to data were costing it opportunities, Dollar Shave Club set out to enable company-wide access to data analytics.

This case study shares how Dollar Shave Club solved its data bottleneck problem by providing departments around the company with direct access to the data they need.

You will learn how Dollar Shave Club enables its employees to dig into data on their own and:

  • Test email marketing campaigns
  • Track the relationship between help requests and customer churn
  • Create better audience targets for sampling campaigns
  • Streamline processes, such as shipping processes, and reduce costs

Looker Case Study - Dollar Shave Club

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