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Traditionally, Hadoop has been used as a cheap data storage and data processing option.

Hadoop scaled to the growth of business, but data analysis grew painfully slower and piping data into another data warehouse for analytics didn’t scale.

The Looker Data Platform changed the face of BI by unlocking all the data stored in Hadoop and making it accessible to the entire enterprise with real time, self-service analytics. Looker operates 100% in database and SQL query engines are fast enough to run analytics in-cluster.

Download this whitepaper to learn how you can:

  • Leave the data where it is and scale with the cluster
  • Build a data model to create a single source of truth and reliable metrics
  • Allow for self-serve data exploration for entire company
  • Connect to both your Hadoop big data cluster and other data warehouse(s)
  • Integrate with Github for complete transparency and control

Looker whitepaper - Interactive Analytics, Visualizations and Data Modeling on Large Hadoop Data Sets

Download this whitepaper: