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Portland State University (PSU) is a nationally acclaimed leader in sustainability and community-based learning and recognized throughout the world for programs like urban planning, social work, and environmental studies. PSU is Oregon’s largest and most diverse university, with some 29,000 students who come from all over North America and almost 1700 international students.

With public pressure to increase services while limiting funding, the efficient planning and use of all revenue sources and operational expenses is fundamental to PSU’s success and reputation as a leading higher education institute.

The finance team was leveraging Microsoft Excel to manage these key financial processes, and with Excel came all the usual challenges. Gathering and consolidating the required data from 50 separate departments/academic offices, among eight separate schools, was challenging – a manual and fragmented process that was inefficient, burdensome, and fraught with potential errors. PSU needed a modern, robust, and flexible planning and performance management system to meet the intense demands of the higher education industry.

PSU engaged Stream Integration, now a part of Prolifics, for this initiative because of Stream Integration’s vast TM1 experience and its value-added Stream TM1 Accelerator solution, which jump-starts TM1 projects and facilitates smooth integration with source systems.

Download this customer case study to learn how PSU was able to:

  • Automate the overall budget process
  • Model and integrate the forecasting process via its Operational Data Source (ODS) to address immediate objectives
  • Use this integration for real-time impact analysis by being able to manipulate key drivers such as student headcount, residency rates, and drop-out and graduation rates to see the impact on revenue
  • Reduce time to complete budgets and forecast significantly (with some models seeing a 67% efficiency gain)

Prolifics whitepaper - PSU case study

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